Determining Kitten Age  

  Kitten age can be difficult to determine if a kitten is found after birth, but it is important to know so that the kitten can receive the proper amount of care. A vet or animal care expert may be the most accurate resource to turn to when trying to determine the age of a kitten,


Differences between a dog and a cat Many people who have dogs and cats in their homes do not notice any huge differences in their nutrition. These people assume that both the dog and the cat grew up next to a man for so many centuries, so he will eat similar things. However, this is

How To Get Your Dog And Cat Living Together Peacefully

So, you want your dog and cat to happily live together but don’t know how to do it? Let’s take a look at all the different tips and tricks to manage to achieve this goal. First of all, the methods may change a little bit depending on if it was the dog or the cat

The Terrible Trip Of A Cat On The Roof Of A Van At 100 Km/h

Cats are characterised by calm and calm animals. That is why perhaps one of the most surreal situations we have seen is the one that happened on a Nebraska highway, in which a van circulated at 100 kilometres per hour … with a cat on the roof! So, as you read. Who could imagine such

Is Your Dog Behaving Badly Or Do You Really Know For Sure?

How is your dog acting while you are away?  Does he bark constantly? Is he outside driving your neighbours crazy by barking at every little noise? Unless you ask your neighbors, you may not really have any idea what he is doing while you are not there.  Some dogs are just fine when their family is home, but have

Are You A Dog Or Cat Person?

Dogs – Type: Some people tend to be more likely to choose and educate naturally, and to lead the way… which can be very beneficial in professional life. A dog needs loving and very consistent education. You do not help a dog if you leave it without instructions. Likewise, it is important to win its heart and

Cat Recipe: Sardine Spell

Feeding recommendation: 2 to 3 pieces a day Ingredients: 200 g of sardines in oil 100 g wheat germ 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cat grass Preparation: Preheat the oven to 180 ° C (hot air oven: 175 ° C without preheating) and lay out a baking sheet with parchment paper. Dress the sardines, add the

A Day in the Life of My Cats

Day in the life of indoor only cats This is going to be light at heart for this segment.  I realized when this crossed my mind, that there really wasn’t much to write about.   How the day starts This is about how their day goes.  Get up when the family gets up and find

Does Your Pet Have a Favorite Side?

Favorite side for your pet We all seem to have our favorite sides to sit at the table, to walk with someone, sit on the sofa, sleep on the bed or just about whatever activity you can think of.  Sometimes it will be a different side for an activity with a different person. Okay, what

Domesticated But Still Are Animals

Domesticated yes, predictable no! Even the sweet little 7 lb indoor blind cat can be unpredictable.  With 4 fang marks on my arm, I can testify to the fact they still have wild instincts. I was talking on the phone to my friend the other evening and had gotten a little hoarse from our conversation.