Month: November 2017

A Day in the Life of My Cats

Day in the life of indoor only cats This is going to be light at heart for this segment.  I realized when this crossed my mind, that there really wasn’t much to write about.   How the day starts This is about how their day goes.  Get up when the family gets up and find

Does Your Pet Have a Favorite Side?

Favorite side for your pet We all seem to have our favorite sides to sit at the table, to walk with someone, sit on the sofa, sleep on the bed or just about whatever activity you can think of.  Sometimes it will be a different side for an activity with a different person. Okay, what

Domesticated But Still Are Animals

Domesticated yes, predictable no! Even the sweet little 7 lb indoor blind cat can be unpredictable.  With 4 fang marks on my arm, I can testify to the fact they still have wild instincts. I was talking on the phone to my friend the other evening and had gotten a little hoarse from our conversation. 

Are You a Good Pet Parent?

Pet parenting. You’ve probably already have your leash, toys, food, treats, blankets and kennel for your dog, and scratch posts, squeaky mouses and you perhaps even splashed out on a fancy accessory such as Miaustore’s ceramic water fountain for cats. These are great but there is a lot more to consider to ensure you are

Are Your Cats Not Letting You Sleep at Night?

Cats – the nocturnal pet Although they are nocturnal by nature does not mean they can’t let you sleep.  If you happen to sleep with cats, it could mean you are headed for sleepless nights. I have had cats that I was able to sleep with and others that were impossible to do so.  The