Are You a Good Pet Parent?

Pet parenting.

You’ve probably already have your leash, toys, food, treats, blankets and kennel for your dog, and scratch posts, squeaky mouses and you perhaps even splashed out on a fancy accessory such as Miaustore’s ceramic water fountain for cats. These are great but there is a lot more to consider to ensure you are a good parent to your pet.

Take care of your best friendsWe all love our pets so much we don’t always think our behaviour can endanger them.  We have pets begging to eat what we are eating and sometimes it can be deadly for them.  Example, cats are not supposed to eat onions and dogs are not supposed to be eating chocolate.  It is not that cats would eat onions, but there are so many foods that actually do have onion hidden in them for flavour.

Providing your pet with the proper nutrition

That is just a small example of the many ingredients your pet should never eat.  There are plenty of places on the web that can identify the off-limits for your pets.  Maybe it is just better to feed food that was designed for them since most of us probably don’t really want to fix a special menu for our pets with all their food restrictions.

Unless they are brought up on it from when they first started eating solid food you would probably have much resistance to a new change in food.  Your cat might not appreciate your rendition of a freshly killed mouse.  A friend gave me a recipe of one and as a caring pet parent I fixed it up and presented it to all the cats I had at the time.  Well, they were not very impressed, although they did eat it, they still went back and ate cat food.  I believe there was 5 of them at the time and what should have been enough for one cat was barely eaten by all 5 of them!


Keeping your pets from danger at home

Do you keep things out of their reach that could be swallowed?  Such as needles and thread, rubber bands, bread ties, small rubber balls and just about anything else.  If you think a two-year-old child can climb up on counters, on to bookshelves and on to dressers then you will understand what you need to do with the dangers that lie in your home.  A child may be able to open drawers or cupboards, but a pet not so likely.  Just never leave anything dangerous unattended.  I am so used to putting rubber bands on my wrist at home, that I find myself doing it outside the home.  A good habit to get into.


Keeping your pets safe away from home

Keep your pet safe when you travelAllowing your pet to hang its head out the window is very dangerous.  It is not good for their eyes or ears.  There are excellent articles on this and if you do allow your dog to hang out the window, after reading them you hopefully will stop this practice.


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