Domesticated But Still Are Animals

Domesticated yes, predictable no!

Even the sweet little 7 lb indoor blind cat can be unpredictable.  With 4 fang marks on my arm, I can testify to the fact they still have wild instincts.

I was talking on the phone to my friend the other evening and had gotten a little hoarse from our conversation.  I came to sit by my husband on the sofa and we were talking about the call.  He was holding Maggie and she promptly climbed off of him.  The next thing I know she has my forearm in her mouth and biting as hard as she could.  I tried to pull away but I could not.  After yelling “Ow”, I told my husband to “Help! get her off of me, she is biting me“.


Unbelievable strength

Somehow we managed to get her loose from her “pit bull grip“.  I had a long sleeve shirt on and after pulling the sleeve up we could see 4 fang marks planted in my forearm. One of the bottom fangs actually drew blood.  A week later and I still have bruises on my arm.

After we had pushed her on to the floor and I was checking out the damage, she was coming back with fire in her eyes (even though she is blind).  We again pushed her back on to the floor.

What brought this on…theory is my voice change.  I have not had a cold in years, but recalling previous times when I have come home with a cold and sit on the sofa all bundled up in a fuzzy sweater there have been episodes of attack.  She used to “meow” a few times and then try to bite my arm.  With a thick sweater on, it has always been easy to push her off.

I am the only one she has ever attacked with a slight voice change.  What is she trying to say?  Maybe, who has possessed “my Mommy“, but whatever the reason, it was kind of shocking that I was attacked with no warning and the grip she had was also very eye-opening.

She has never tried attacking anything other than my arm, which as long as that is her only target, in the future I will be more prepared.  If I get a cold or talk too long and notice my voice has changed, maybe I will be quiet or just whisper until I return to normal.


They may be family but they are still animals

You can not reason with an animal and ask them what is the problem.  This is totally out of character for her, as she is pretty easy going and we can handle her with no issues as she is a happy cat.  I hope I am the only one that has to deal with this unusual behavior.  She will soon be 15 years old and we have never had any other bad behavior from her, but this last incident was pretty scary.  I know it was because I had very little material between her mouth and me that the damaged was unlike anytime before.

Even though she is little, those fangs are powerful and although she is very domesticated and depends on us for survival they still have wild instincts as predatory animals.  A lesson well learned.

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