Dwarf Hamster Supplies

No matter what kind of pet you are going to purchase, supplies are essential to being able to provide the care necessary to take care of that pet.  Dwarf hamster are no different from owning other types of pets; they need certain supplies in order to live comfortably and healthy in a home setting.

The most important supply when it comes to caring for a dwarf hamster in the cage.  Dwarf hamsters do well in few different cages including wire, aquarium tank, or plastic.  The important thing is to ensure that they will have enough room to run around in it.  This is especially important if two hamsters are purchased together and are going to be housed in the same enclosure or if you purchase a baby that will grow to be slightly larger.  The most important aspect to the hamster cage is the substrate. You should place about one to two inches of substrate upon the entire floor of the cage.  By building up the substrate to five or six inches on one or both sides of the cage allows the dwarf hamster an interesting area to climb and dig.  Something else that most people do not know about dwarf hamsters is they can be trained to use a litter box.  Look out for droppings that are all found in one area of the cage.  A “hamster potty” can be found at some pet supply stores.  Place the potty in the same place that you noticed the droppings.  You will need to fill the potty with hay or pelleted newspaper cat litter but you should never use clay or clumping cat litter.  They can cause digestive or respiratory problems for your dwarf hamster.

Another important dwarf hamster supply is chew toys.  Most people associate chew toys with a pet dog rather then a pet hamster but, chew toys are an important part of the hamster world.  Hamsters’ teeth never stop growing.  If they don’t constantly file them down, they would grow so large that the hamster would no longer be able to close its mouth and could starve to death.  Chew toys for hamsters come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes.  They are almost all made of soft wood.  These toys need to be checked on a daily basis to ensure that they stay safe and unsoiled for the hamster’s use.

In order to ensure that you hamster stays healthy and hydrated you will need to supply your dwarf hamster with a fresh water supply.  A water bottle that hangs on the side of the cage is perfect for these small rodents.  Most learn early on how to use these bottles and they keep the cages tidy lowering the risk of substrate ending up in a water bowl or a bowl getting knocked over and spilled.  Keep an eye on the water bottle on a daily basis.  Make sure that the hamster is receiving fresh water and that the bottle is free of leaks or cracks.

Another important dwarf hamster supply is a house that the hamster can make a nest in.  They are normally shy creatures and appreciate a place to hide.  With no concerns with humidity or temperature, the supplies needed to keep your dwarf hamster are limited and easy enough to supply.