Hermit Crabs Make Great Low Maintenance Pets!

They are also very entertaining. You can watch them climb and dig and they can even hold onto your shirt with their claws as you walk.

Sadly, many people still view hermit crabs as disposable pets though. But in reality, hermit crabs, when properly cared for, can be loving pets that live for decades. The truth is some hermit crabs have been known to live for as long as 80 years!

Hermit crabs are crustaceans, which means they are actually related to a lot of the shellfish we eat, like lobsters and shrimp.

Where do the hermit crabs found in pet stores and at fairs come from?

Most of these hermit crabs come from Florida or various Caribbean Islands where they are often found in large groups scouring the beaches for food at night (hermit crabs are nocturnal).

They make fun, interesting and virtually care-free pets. They are very quiet (though they sometimes emit a soft chirping sound) and they are not aggressive.

If properly cared for they can live long lives and be the ideal pet.