Is Your Dog Behaving Badly Or Do You Really Know For Sure?

How is your dog acting while you are away?  Does he bark constantly? Is he outside driving your neighbours crazy by barking at every little noise?

Unless you ask your neighbors, you may not really have any idea what he is doing while you are not there.  Some dogs are just fine when their family is home, but have anxiety when they are alone.

Of course if your neighbors get tired of it, they might file a complaint and that would be your first indication of the issue.  Some dogs have separation anxiety this can be a real problem for the owner and the dog’s mental well-being.  It is not just dogs that can have this problem, but it seems they have the biggest impact on the owner if they suffer.  It can take awhile to build the trust and secure feelings for the dog but a necessity for all involved.

One night some police arrived at the house down the block, it was late and the dog was barking for a very long time.  The owners were not home and there was no found reason for the dog to have kept up this constant barking.  People were trying to sleep so they reported it.  Not sure if they normally kept the dog in at night, but they should have not left him alone in the backyard.

There was this couple I knew who had 3 huskies and they showed me the damage one of them did to their door to the garage.  It had dug big holes in the door and had ripped off part of the door frame. It looked like someone had been chopping at it with an axe.  Not to mention the gnawing on the table legs and destruction of a number of other pieces of furniture.  It is quite amazing how much damage a big dog can do while you are at work.

A dog may also be destructive if it is bored.  Spending time with the dog while you are home and giving it lots of agility training can keep the dog happy.  Sometimes all they need is another pet to play with.  It can be pretty lonely if you are home alone for nine hours with no activity.  Lots of toys they enjoy will keep them entertained and treats to chew on, so they don’t chew on something they are not supposed to.  Proper obedience training is a must for a dog to be happy.  Having a happy and secure pet can bring much joy to the family.  How much nicer to come home to a content dog, that is eager to see you and not jumping around with desperation from its stressful day without you.  Take the time to understand your pet and its characteristics. It may not always be clear as to what they think, but you will be rewarded with a great pet if you take the time to learn.


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