Keeping of Freshwater Aquariums

Information about Freshwater Aquariums:

Nearly everyone has seen an aquarium in their lifetime. At a friend’s house, a restaurant, a party, a local business looking to stand out… many people love to keep aquariums, and you can find them nearly everywhere.

The word ‘aquarium’ actually comes from the Latin words ‘Aqua’ meaning water (Shocked? Yeah, neither are we) and ‘rium’ meaning place or building. Basically, it’s a water building!

There are literally thousands of different types of aquariums that you can purchase right now, and the detailing that you can do is not just extensive – it’s borderline ridiculous.

You can choose from a simple fish bowl that can be found in many children’s homes to a detailed and advanced ecosystem of filtered water, numerous fish, and live plants climbing the extra-strength plastic.

The History of the Aquarium

The modern form of aquariums developed in the 1850′s, but modern things have a way of echoing historical pieces. Even the Sumerians had a way of keeping their fish – they had ponds to keep wild fish in until they were made into dinner.

Goldfish and Koi fish were being bred as far back as 2,000 years ago in China, and during the Song dynasty goldfish were kept in ceramic bowls. The history this is detailed, and long!

Even in ancient Egyptian art, we can see a type of aquarium – fish were kept in rectangular temple pools, something unique and interesting and what most people don’t think of when they imagine an aquarium in history.

Keeping fish as a hobby really picked up after the First World War (Middle to late 1800′s). While you could see aquariums at museums and more, modern lighting and filtration let people care for fish in their home.

As fish keeping began to take even more root in modern culture, companies rushed to come up with unique and interesting things to put into tanks, as well as searching for more efficient ways to keep fish healthy, and their water clean.

This is the main reason that we have so many options for us when it comes to aquariums. You can choose from thousands of different things to really make your set up unique, interesting, and yes, even fun.