The Terrible Trip Of A Cat On The Roof Of A Van At 100 Km/h

Cats are characterised by calm and calm animals. That is why perhaps one of the most surreal situations we have seen is the one that happened on a Nebraska highway, in which a van circulated at 100 kilometres per hour … with a cat on the roof!

So, as you read. Who could imagine such a situation on the highway? Well, it has happened and we have proof of that in video format. It is more difficult to explain how it was possible, since it is an event that we are not used to witnessing.

Of course, the Rankin family, who was driving along the Nebraska road, did not even expect to find a special van on their way. Not because of its design or its shape, but because of how it was ‘equipped’ on its back. Nothing less than a cat that had been caught there does not know very well how or why.

The fact can be described as both madness and ‘proeza’ for the animal, in the sense that it is not explained how the feline has been able to hold on the roof of a vehicle that was driving on the highway to more than 100 kilometres per hour, as confirmed to New York Post Round Rankin.

The woman even confessed that when they saw the animal for the first time they thought it was a raccoon, but when they were placed next to the van, they could see the terrified expression of the feline.

At that time, the Rankin family used the horn to alarm the driver of said vehicle to stop as quickly as possible. This one obeyed and the cat, fortunately, fled without having suffered any damage, incredible as it may seem.

The video, once published and shared on social networks, has had quite an impact and, as it could not be otherwise, it has not taken a long time to become viral.

The incident has also attracted the attention of an animal protector, the Nebraska Human Society, who has not hesitated to request the data of the owners of the van, in order to find out how the feline animal ended up in the elevated area of ​​the vehicle. , in addition to the whereabouts you are currently in.

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