Furhaven Pet – Orthopedic Living Room Sofa-Style Couch Dog Bed Reviews

Well, this super cozy Furhaven Orthopedic Pet Bed is specially designed in a form that provides solace for all types/ breeds of dogs. This bed provides a high loft cushion support, also it has a smooth fabric with fluffy filled bolsters. This is easy on the joints and is machine washable. This bed doesn’t suit pets with chewing behavior as it will destroy the mattress. It is a versatile bed and also affordable. The outer covering of this bed is super soft and flexible.

  • Squishy Surface: The surface of this Furhaven Orthopedic Bed is so comfortable and smooth, and it is made with top-notch quality quilted fabric that is soft to touch and as well as it has cushioned padding which makes it easy to cuddle and lay on it.
  • Design: The bed looks almost like a sofa, but the feel and warmth you get from it is the same as the bed you sleep on. The three-sided cushion/bolsters provide security and also additional high loft support, to rest the head of your dog. These are also good cozy nestling nooks for your small pups.
  • Easy on Joints/back: The foam is padded well, so this helps the pressure and aching points distribute all over the body, and as well as it does increase the air circulation. The fluffy filled bolster offers support to the hips and joints to provide you a restful sleep.
  • Pet-friendly: The whole bed is pet friendly and does not include any harmful substances/chemicals. It is good for the skin to touch it. Also cleaning the bed wouldn’t be hectic work to do, because the cover is removable and is completely machine washable whenever you need it to.
  • Size: The sizes are vast, for example, The Silver Gray bed: 36” x 27” x 6.5”[ 3” Foam; Sleep Surface: Approx. 27” x 22”] It is also available in many more sizes as preferred according to the size of the dog. It comes in Small, large, jumbo, medium, jumbo plus sizes.
  • Variety: The Furhaven Pet Friendly Orthopedic bed is available in different colors too! The bed comes in Brown, Silver gray, Coffee, toasted brown, wine red, and navy color. You could anyone you like to purchase.


  • Three-sided bolsters that provide security
  • Has soft fabric
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes with 2 durable metal zippers
  • Easy to clean
  • Machine washable cover
  • Durable
  • Recycled fluffy bolsters


  • This bed won’t go for the ones which have a bad chewing habit. It is not chew-proof.
Dog Bed For Large Breeds

Even if your dog jumps on it, it won’t tear. The bed features three-sided fluffy and comfy bolsters, which also has an extra cushioned loft. The bed soothes the joints and aching muscles so that your dog enjoys a more restorative night’s rest and wakes up the next morning with more energy than the day before. Orthopedic dogs need support and rest, this will offer your dog everything. Also, egg-crate foam calms the pressure points. That’s what makes it unique. 

The sleeping surface has quilted seaming, so your dog could stretch out easily. The bed is stitched in a way so that it could provide your dog extra comfort through that extra padding feature, which gives him more chances to cuddle and make himself at ease. The three-sided bolsters give nice support especially to your dog’s neck, head, and back.

These bolsters are made of soft and good quality cotton, also these are light in weight. They are stretchable and not firm which makes it comfier for your dog to sleep. Your pets could also bury themself in these cozy nooks as well as crannies. Due to the design and shape of the fluffy-filled bolster, it provides huge support to the joints and aching/pressure points. If your dog is getting old and needs rest, then why not try this one? Also, the design offers plenty of space for a headrest.

Additional Features

The orthopedic bed is manufactured in the USA and is also tested by the CertiPUR-UR program. The foam of the bed is fluffy and easy to hold, also it provides air circulation to give more solace and comfort. The content and durability of the bed are up to the point. If the three-sided bolsters get clumped while your dog sits on it, then you should slightly just squeeze the bed, so that it comes back into its original position. 

The beds are sent for compression in order to reduce the carbon quantity. The Furhaven Orthopedic Quilted Soft Smooth bed has 3-4 sizes. The jumbo size is mostly for larger breeds as they need more space. 

Also, the solid slab reduces the chances of aching points.

The bed is covered from three sides, so that gives your pup to sleep in many positions while offering him peace and relaxation. Your dog/companion could lay on his tummy or back and enjoy his sweet nap. The Furhaven luxurious bed is large enough so it leaves some spots on the bed just for you! You go sit on the couch to spend some quality time with your loyal companion. The cushions are squishy and the pin sonic smooth surface of the bed gives your pet protection and keeps him secured. Also, the orthopedic bed is available in many different sizes and colors which can be matched accordingly to your home decor.

The bigger the size of the bed is the bigger the comfort it offers! The exterior cover of the bed is removable and machine washable so that you don’t have to wash it. If your dog is more prone to hair loss, then this bed is for your pet! Because it is easy to clean and handle. So come on! Why wait any longer? when you can give your puppy a cozy and comfy bed to make him relax.

Product Features

  • Package Dimensions: 36 x 27 x 6.5inches; 4.6 Pounds
  • Item Model Number: 45401017
  • Date First Available: August 29, 2016
  • Manufacturer: Furhaven Pet Products, Inc
  • Best Seller Rank: #3 in Dogs Sofas & Chairs #3 in Cat Sofas #153 in Pet Supplies [See Top 100 in Pet Supplies]

Final Verdict

As demonstrated by the reviews, the customers said that the bed is very easy to handle and can be shifted from one place to another. Their dogs loved it, and they feel very comfortable. The bed is roomy, deep and super soft as said above in the description. 

The puppies love to stretch out and then go back to sleep again. The bed is easy to put together, you could wash the exterior cover if necessary.

The bed doesn’t have bolsters from all sides, it surely should be there to ensure the safety from all four sides. The orthopaedic beds are easy to assemble and very huge in size. So past its all features, one thing in common is that this bed is highly recommended for your coochie pooch.

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